Blair Young and Alexis Harris Podcast

Blair Young is ASSETT’s Innovation Catalyst. As the Catalyst, Blair guides the development of our emergent Innovation Incubator — a safe, resourced space where the College of Arts & Sciences community can grow their active learning ideas.

Alexis Harris is currently a senior at CU Boulder. She is majoring in English Literature, while also getting a Secondary Education Licensure and a Minor in Creative Technology and Design. Alexis has been an intern with CAMPP since its inception.

Image with quote "I think being in this position as a student really makes you realize that you still have things to contribute even though you're placed in that student role. It was really cool to demystify what being a faculty member is like and getting to be placed on a level playing field with the rest of the faculty," attributed to Alexis Harris, CAMPP Student Intern, on background of sky and soccer field.