Rachael Deagman Simonetta and Melanie Lo Podcast

Rachael Deagman Simonetta is a Teaching Associate Professor in the Department of English and the Division of Continuing Education at CU Boulder. She oversees the Shakespeare CoLab: a digital learning environment for Shakespeare Studies.

Dr. Melanie Lo is a cofounder and former Pedagogy Director of the Shakespeare CoLab. She received her PhD from the Department of English at CU Boulder, where she subsequently served as an instructor teaching literature, writing, and gender studies. Dr. Lo currently works as a curriculum developer and higher-ed learning design specialist for Wix.com.

Shakespeare CoLab Website

Quote saying "So at a moment when everybody was more in tune with Shakespeare, we saw it as a chance to rethink how we were teaching and why we were teaching," attributed to Rachael Deagman Simonetta, CAMPP Faculty, over background of a bookshelf