Suzanne Magnanini and Nikki Jobin Podcast

Nicole Jobin is a Teaching Associate Professor (Senior Instructor) at CU Boulder’s Stories and Societies Residential Academic program (SRAP), with over 20 years of teaching experience and particular expertise in first-year education. She teaches European history courses for both SRAP and the Department of History and is passionate about making the past come alive through access to documents, artifacts, and archives that encourage students to make meaning of the past and their present. A CU Boulder 2021 Open Educator Award winner, she is also a participant in the ASSETT Innovation Incubator Initiative as a member of the Collective to Advance Multimodal Participatory Publishing (CAMPP).

Suzanne Magnanini is an Associate Professor and President’s Teaching Scholar in the Department of French and Italian at CU-Boulder. As a member of CAMPP, Suzanne has been experimenting with experiential learning and student publishing in her classroom, in part by building a Digital Annotated Bibliography of the exceptional fairy tale holdings in Norlin Library’s Special Collections. This work has been conducted in collaboration with Librarian Sean Babbs, graduate students in French, an undergraduate research team supported by UROP, and students enrolled in her classes.

Quote saying, "That's the benefit of a collective. Everybody sort of pieces together all around the table and sometimes you learn just as much from the super success piece as you do from the obstacles." Attributed to Nikki Jobin, CAMPP faculty, over wood background with scattered puzzle pieces.